T-Mobile just opened her heart to Jesus and got healed over the phone

Another customer care agent from T-Mobile just opened her heart to Jesus and got healed over the phone.

Today I got my new iPhone 12 pro in the mail. I was having trouble activating it, so I called T-Mobile and spoke to Daphne. As I was ending the call, I felt like I had some words of knowledge for healing for her body – pain on both sides of her neck, and pain in her hips. I had a couple other words, but she didn’t respond to those, so I must have missed those. But it didn’t seem to faze her at all.

When I shared the words of knowledge, Daphne asked, “Why are you asking about my neck and hips? Are you a chiropractor or something?”

I laughed and said, “No, but let’s get rid of your pain!” I asked her what her pain level was on a scale of 0 to 10, and she said it was a 7. “Daphne, I’m going to speak to the pain in your body. You will feel a warm presence come on your body, and the pain will leave.” After I did that, I asked her to move her body to see if anything was changing. 

Daphne said the tension on one side of her neck was gone, and it was a little less on the other side. I spoke to the pain again, and this time the pain left the other side of her neck as well as in her hips and lower back. She was completely shocked because the pain was gone, and she could feel heat through her entire body. I said, “Daphne, would you like me to tell you how I just did that?” 

With a surprised sound in her voice, she said, “Yes, please tell me what you did.”

“Daphne, I’m a Christian, and what you just experienced was Jesus. There’s no way I could have known about what was going on in your body. And there’s absolutely no way I could cause you to feel that heat and make the pain go away. Daphne, Jesus is revealing himself to you because he loves you and sees you, and he wants a personal relationship with you. Daphne, would you like to open up your heart and give your life to Jesus?” 

Daphne and I prayed over the phone as she received Jesus in her heart. I said, “Now that you have responded to Jesus and you have become a Christian, you can do what Christians do. They share what Jesus has done for them and pray for others. I’m going to pray for God’s empowerment to come on you, and you will feel power coming in your hands as a sign that the Holy Spirit is coming on you to share Jesus with others and pray for others who are sick.” Daphne said she did feel power in her hands and heat coming through her body again. Daphne was completely touched by the love and power of God.

I loved what she said before she ended the call. “I can’t believe that you just prayed for me and healed me. With everything going on in this world right now with the pandemic and craziness, I just want to thank you for doing what you did and for healing me.” 

“Daphne,” I explained, “I didn’t heal you, but Jesus did. This is just simply what Christians are supposed to do – to put Jesus on display with love and power.”

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