Lessons of learning happen best in difficulty soaked in humility

It’s hard to work through difficult issues, especially with difficult people. So if you want to work through difficult issues, you might want to first stop being difficult yourself so you can really work through the issues. I’m discovering more and more that difficult issues and difficult people only create more difficulties. 

We have to work harder, more thoughtfully, and with lots of humility. Otherwise, when we confront difficult issues, we become more of a roadblock instead of building a bridge of understanding. 

If we start with a posture of humility in difficult conversations, keep in step with a footing of humility throughout, and work hard to end in humility, then we stay teachable and full of compassion towards others. 

We develop a greater opportunity to discover one another in the midst of difficulty than when we started, and we come away with a lesson of learning and growing.

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