Follow the way of the Lamb

I heard one leader say recently to Christians, “Let’s put our attention and focus on following the Lamb and not a donkey or an elephant.”  

I’ve been processing that thought… 

If I’m following an elephant I trample on real people affected by real issues, and if I’m following a donkey I kick hard at a lot of real people affected by real issues. 

However, if I’m following the Lamb (Jesus), then I’m looking at laying down my life and serving all who have been trampled on or kicked hard at. 

I’m going with following the way of the Lamb so I can see better how to serve greater issues that affect real people with real problems.

Some may think then are you saying we just wink at sin. No we face it head on with our arms stretched out, leading to the only one who can deal with real sins. The way of the Lamb is the answer, not only in this nation, but also in the nations of the world, and in my heart and yours. 

What I’m NOT saying is you can’t be a believer if you ascribe to a political party, or you can’t make change, shouldn’t vote, or be in political office. I’m just saying as believers we have to make sure we aren’t allowing political systems to be the answer fully for the human heart or human needs. 

Jesus is the answer, and he displayed that he is the way, truth, and life in his birth, life, death, and resurrection. The answer is the Lamb. So let’s behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and live out his mission, message, and ministry in all we do. 

May we as believers follow the way of the Lamb.

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