Brian on the Sid Roth Show

Watch Brian's Full Interview on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural

Brian Blount says Jesus is calling ordinary, everyday believers to be themselves and step into the extraordinary works of the Kingdom. Right where you are!

Watch Brian's special Mentoring Session on Sid Roth

Brian teaches and equips on living an as-you-go lifestyle of healing and power evangelism during this special mentoring session for the Sid Roth audience.

Digital Healing and Power Evangelism Packet

The Kingdom of Heaven isn’t very far. It’s at Walmart, Target and CVS. So if you aren’t encamped on a distant mission field, take heart. God, His Kingdom and its power are nearby, waiting for anyone-anywhere to take a step of faith. Brian Blount says just—step—out.

In From the Sanctuary to the Streets (Book), co-authors Charles Bello & Brian Blount remind you we are called to be friends of God in a natural but supernatural way. All you do is represent Jesus. There is no obligation to “perform” a miracle.

Brian’s 3-CD set, Healing and Power Evangelism, focuses on:

• Jesus’ mission and ministry
• How to be yourself and represent Jesus
• A simple 5-step “how-to” model

Learn how to be yourself as you put Jesus on display with love and power. 

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