Another Apple Care Agent got healed over the phone and gave her life to Jesus!

Another Apple Care Agent got healed over the phone and gave her life to Jesus! 

Today, I was following up on my Apple iPhone 11 order, because I was needing to do an exchange. As Kalay the Apple Care agent was helping me with the order, I felt the Holy Spirit give me 5 words of knowledge about issues that were going on in her body. I told Kalay, “Sometimes I get these pictures and impressions about things at are going on in people’s lives. Do you mind if I share what I felt I was getting?”

“OK, sure,” she said. “This has never happened to me before.”

Then I began to describe the following issues: a pain in her left part of her hip, a problem with her right ankle, swelling in her feet, back issues (mainly at her waist line), and lastly discomfort from knots on the left side of her neck, like a crick in her neck. “Kalay,” I asked, “does any of this make sense to you?” 

“YES! Everything you said was correct.” 

I went through each impression I had again and asked on a scale from 0 to 10 what her pain level was. She gave a number for each one. I said, “Kalay, I’m going to now speak to all this pain in your body, and it’s going to leave now.”

As I began to pray, I invited the Holy Spirit to come and bring healing. I told her she would feel a sensation of warmth and tingling. All the pain left her entire body after I prayed twice. Kalay was stunned. I told her, “Kalay, what just happened to you was that Jesus came and healed your body. What you felt was his presence. I can’t do that. Jesus wanted you to know he cares about you and loves you and wants a relationship with you.” 

Kalay then opened her heart to Jesus as I prayed with her to invite Jesus to be the lord and savior of her life. 

Then I said, “Kalay, this is what Christians do. They share what Jesus has done in their lives, and they pray for the sick. So go and find someone today tell them your Jesus story. Pray for someone who needs healing just like I prayed for you.” Then I prayed for the Holy Spirit to impart healing, and she felt a warmth come into her hands! 

Kalay was just doing her job, helping to serve me, the customer. And I was just doing something really spiritual like checking on my iPhone 11 order. I just sensed the Holy Spirit speaking in a whisper for Kalay, so I took a risk and shared the whisper of impressions. As a result, Kalay not only got healed, but also experienced a real God who loves her. Then Kalay received Jesus as her Lord and savior. 

Remember the Holy Spirit is always at work, and our job is to simply to look, listen, and respond when he whispers. As we do, we put Jesus on display with love and power!


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